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Jamaica Language School special summer programs, the summer English Escape and Summer English Advantage, are the perfect opportunity to get away to sunny Jamaica for part or all of the summer to sharpen your English skills while taking advantage of all the many activities and excursions we offer.  These special programs provide the ideal summer vacation in an English speaking environment, while leaving lots of time to enjoy our special Summer Activity Package, with exclusive daily and weekly activities and events.

Course Details:

Course Length:

2 - 13 weeks (Available from approximately June 1st - August 31)

Levels Available

1 - 6 (Beginner to Advanced)

Course Intensity:

Summer English Escape 15 hours per week

Summer English Adventure 18.75 hours per week

Class Times

Day Program

9:00 am  - 12:30 pm (Monday - Thursday include daily 15 minute breaks; Fridays 9:00 am- 11:00 am)

Course Description:

Jamaica Language School Summer English Escape and Summer Adventure provide a relaxing tropical getaway while sharpening your English fluency and comprehension.  These highly interactive programs focus on the rapid development of conversational skills at all levels (beginning , intermediate and advanced), vocabulary enhancement and improving your understanding of Jamaican culture and society.  Whether you enroll for just two weeks or take the full 13 week course, you will leave the program with improved English fluency, comprehension, and a greater understanding of Jamaican culture.


Conversational Group English classes: 15 instructional hours per week of interactive, guided conversation led by an English - speaking expert.

Special Activities

Jamaica Language School Summer English Escape and Summer English Adventure have a class schedule especially, designed to allow students to take full advantage of our Summer Activity Package, which includes daily and weekly activities, such as visits to local museums, sporting events, theme parks, nature reserves, Dunns River etc.

Note:  The Summer Activity Package requires an additional fee per week and is not included in the base tuition for the summer English Experience and Summer English Escape programs.