​​​                JAMAICA LANGUAGE SCHOOL 

Prices are in US Dollars.

PROGRAM (LESSONS AND PRICE PER WEEK                  2-4 Weeks       5-8 Weeks      9-12 Weeks    13-16 Weeks     17+ Weeks

English Experience                                                      $245               $235             $230               $225                 $220

English Experience Plus                                               $255               $245             $235               $230                 $225

English Experience  Courses - 30 hours

        (Bildungsurlaub Approved)                                   $550               $550             $550               $550                 $550

Summer English Escape                                               $245               $245              -----               -----                  -----

Summer English Adventure                                          $255               $245              -----               -----                  -----

Business Experience                                                    $320               $310             $300               $290                 $280

Business Advantage                                                     $450               $440             $430               $420                 $410


DESCRIPTION                                                 ENGLISH                            ALL FOREIGN LANGUAGES

25 Lesson Package (45 min Lessons)                $1,144                               $1,300  

50 Lesson Package (45 min Lessons)                $2,100                               $2,400

100 Lesson Package (45 min Lessons)               $4,000                               $4,600

150 Lesson Package (45 min Lessons)               $5,550                               $6,450

200 Lesson Package (45 min Lessons)               $7,200                               $8,400


College Admissions Seminar (4 hours)                                           $250

College Admissions Consulting (5 hourly private sessions)               $500


PROGRAMS                             4 Weeks            6 Weeks            8 Weeks            12 Weeks

TOEFL/TOEIC                          $1,210                  -                   $2,415                     -

SAT                                           -                    $2,435                   -                   $4,870

GMAT                                         -                    $2,435                   -                   $4,870


Registration Fee                                                                                    $100

Medical Insurance                                                                                  $100

Airport Transfer  (round trip )  Montego Bay                                             $200

Airport Transfer  (round trip ) Kingston                                                    $300

Our Jamaica Language School group courses, provide foreign  language programs, group and private test preparation classes not only offer the highest quality instruction in one of Jamaica's most modern language training facilities, but are also a great value.  All of our courses include full open access to our spacious student lounge, student library, and numerous other amenities, including recreational activities both inside and outside of our  language school.   In addition, our weekly tuition rates are among the most competitive include all course materials, such as student text books, exercise workbooks.  

Our English, foreign language, and test preparation classes are taught by highly qualified and extensively trained instructors, many of whom who hold advanced degrees in their respective fields.  In addition, our Ocho Rios, Jamaica facility is one of the most modern and technologically advanced language schools in the country, with free Wifi in every classroom and all common areas, and large screen televisions available for students to enjoy in student lounge area.  So whether you plan on spending two weeks with us, want to study abroad for the whole summer, or need to improve your English skills for an entire year, Jamaica Language School, foreign language , or test preparation course is an outstanding investment in your future at a great price.

All airport arrival transfer (students with housing accommodation) must be book with Jamaica Language School, students have the option to book return transfer privately or with the school.  Text books are free, must be returned at end of course or can be purchased at end of course.
Prices are in US Dollars.