​​​                JAMAICA LANGUAGE SCHOOL 

The School may be referred to as Jamaica Language School. Students, their agent or the school representative must fax, e-mail or mail a completed application form and all pertaining fees to the School. The application form becomes a legally binding document once it is acknowledged/ signed by the School. Only the English version is binding. The contract is subject to the laws of the Jamaica, West Indies. The student understands and accepts that Jamaica Language School are not designed or intended to qualify the participants for employment in English or teaching. They are intended solely for avocational, personal enrichment and enjoyment purposes.
Visas for non-immigrant aliens: Jamaica is a tourist destination so a visa application prior to entering Jamaica is not necessary, in most cases. Visas are issued by immigration at the airport, (for a fee of approximately US$350) with proof of enrollment and payment to Jamaica Language School.
​Change of status:
Applications for a change of status are subject to a non-refundable US$350 administrative processing fee.
Application, Confirmations and Payments
​After a signed application form and the registration fee are received, the School will send a written course acceptance, a housing confirmation (if applicable) and an invoice for tuition and other services requested by the student or the student’s agent. Payments without a signed application form will not be accepted. Students may pay through the School’s agent or directly to the school by credit card, cash or bank wire transfers (in this case add $20 to the amount). The School must receive payment thirty days prior to start date.
Medical Insurance:
In Jamaica, doctors and hospitals are extremely expensive. Students should have medical insurance purchase via Jamaica Language School (US$175/non-refundable). Jamaica Language School will not be responsible for prescription bills incurred by students in Jamaica. By signing the application form the student authorizes the release of information for medical treatment, in case of emergency and/or accident.
Cancellation prior to start date- No show:
​Students who are denied entry to Jamaica will receive a full refund of all fees paid (except for the non-refundable registration fee, housing deposit, mailing fees, courier expenses requested by the student, exam fees or insurance paid by the School on behalf of the student upon student’s request) within 30 calendar days from the cancellation date or the first day of scheduled classes, whichever is earlier.
Withdrawal after start date:
​Students who wish to withdraw after they start classes must give written notice to Jamaica Language School. Withdrawing students must fill out and sign a withdrawal form. Students enrolled for 4 weeks or less will not be eligible for a refund. Students enrolled for more than 4 weeks, who withdraw prior to or at the midpoint (50%) of their studies, will be eligible for a refund (in form of credit towards future studies) of the prorated amount of the unused portion of tuition. The refund due will be calculated using the last date of attendance (LDA) and be, held as credit up to twenty four months of future studies at Jamaica Language School, from the documented date of determination.
The date of determination is the date the student gives written notice of withdrawal to Jamaica Language School or the date Jamaica Language School terminates the student due to the student’s failure to adhere to the school’s attendance, conduct, or student progress policy. Students withdrawing from the program after the midpoint of their studies are not eligible to receive any refund. Courses are intended as an uninterrupted sequence of weeks.
Change of program-Permutation:
​A change from one program to another is allowed based on availability and provided the total tuition fee for the new program is equal to, or higher than the tuition of the program originally contracted for by the student.
Requests for a change of program after the start date of the original course will be subject to a non-refundable $125 administrative fee. Jamaica Language School will permute group classes to private classes at a ratio of 5 group classes = 1 private lesson, subject to availability.
​Students understand and accept that, when providing housing services, Jamaica Language School is strictly acting as an agent for the participant and that Jamaica Language School may contract housing in its own name to facilitate the booking process according to the student’s request. This administrative activity is costly. Clients agree that Jamaica Language School is entitled to the difference between what is paid to the housing provider and the fee paid by the student, as a compensation. A $100 reservation deposit is required when booking housing. Housing deposits will be retained if cancellation occurs after arrival. If students cancel their housing after check-in, there will be no refund for bookings. Students who wish to change their accommodation must give the School a 10-business day notice. Change will be granted based on availability. Clients understand and agree that home stay hosts and/or Jamaica Language School are not liable for any loss of property, damage or injury that may occur to the client while being in a home stay.
​Refund Policy:
The registration fee is not refundable. Students who sign a contract with an overseas school representative /agency and enroll through the agency/representative understand and accept that the relationship between Jamaica Language School and the agency may affect their ability to receive a refund as the School will make all approved refunds only to the party who issued the payment (student, agent, parents etc.). All refunds are issued within 30 calendar days from the last date of attendance. Course fees are calculated in complete weeks. Part of a week is counted as a full week.
Missed classes:
​Students who miss their scheduled group classes may not make up their classes or ask for a refund. Course duration is intended as a certain number of consecutive weeks. No refunds or make-up classes are available for group classes missed because of national holidays, acts of God, natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, storms etc.) and events when the school cannot operate.
In order to receive a certificate of completion you must keep a average attendance of 80%, based on a total number of hours you signed up for. Participants enrolled in a sponsored program may be subject to different, higher attendance requirements. In such instance, the sponsor’s required attendance will prevail.
Age requirements. The minimum enrollment age is 10, except for summer programs.
Photographs and Videos:
​From time to time Jamaica Language School takes photos and videos of its premises and students in order to promote the school through websites, brochures, display boards, photo albums and any other media, including social media. You (or your parents or guardian if you are under 18 years of age) must inform the school in writing before your course starts if you do not allow the use of such images." Unless otherwise communicated in writing to Jamaica Language School before the beginning of your course, registration as a student and attendance at or participation in classes and other Jamaica language School activities constitutes an agreement by the student to Jamaica Language School’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the student’s image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions of such classes and other Jamaica Language School activities for promotional and marketing use.
​Jamaica Language School is not responsible for any fee(s) charged by its representatives/agents. Any claim arising from differences in fees and enrollment conditions must be addressed directly to the agent/representative. Jamaica Language School staff and/or representatives are not responsible for damage, loss of personal property and injury to persons or property by any cause except those that are imposed by statute.
Jamaica Language School is not liable for theft or loss of personal property while on Jamaica Language School facilities or building. Jamaica Language School is not liable for being unable to render services that are impossible to provide for reasons beyond the control of Jamaica Language School and its representatives.
​If you need clarification in a language other than English, please contact us via E-MAIL at: info@jamaicalanguageschool.com

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